Why Clean Green Maids?

  • Personal Service: We meet each and every client prior to service,  and develop a Customer Specific and Personalized Detailed Cleaning Plan: which ensures your cleaning needs are met each and every clean.
  • We’re Green: Utilizing the best, most efficient, eco-friendly products and equipment the market has to offer. We are always researching, and moving toward cleaner, greener, eco-efficient services. See our “Cleaning Boutique page to learn more.
  • We’re Cleaning Professionals: Paying close attention to the evolving Cleaning and Green industry. As members of the two cleaning associations, ARCSI /ISSA and Green America, you’re guaranteed a cleaning service that meets industry green cleaning standards.
  • We preserve your home investments: by cleaning with proper equipment, supplies and solutions we cause no damage to high-end specialty flooring, appliances and counter tops.
  • Our staff is professional: Arriving on time, uniformed, courteous, and respectful to your home. We perform background checks and drug screening on all our staff.
  • We care: about our clients, our staff and society: As NYC’s Chapter Member in the “Cleaning for A Reason Foundation”- we offer our chemical free TLCC—“Tender Loving Cleaning Care” to women undergoing Cancer Treatments.

In choosing Clean Green Maids, you not only allow us to continue with our charitable contributions but you receive a guaranteed quality assured service, which supports the health of your family, pets and our precious environment.

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