August: full of new property purchases and post construction cleaning!

Can't say enough how proud I am of my staff, we have had an enormous amount of post construction cleans this past month-- and their level of excellence, perfection and "fine eye for dirt",  led to new long term clients and referrals.  Clients reporting -- "you even vacuumed the curtains?  I was going to send them out , but you saved me time and money!"

Also nice to see the new employees Rob, Ray and Danny coming along and on board to our vision!  And yes-- "men can clean and do detail!"  - had I known I would have married  differently and Clean Green Maids, may have never been born,   "Why buy the milk... when your married to the cow? "   But alas was not to be, and we now offer the next best thing to a cleaning husband! "Clean Green Maids".


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