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Clean Green Maids is going to the 2012:ARCSI Cleaning Convention


Clean Green Maids, is once again super excited to go be going to the ISSA/ARCSI cleaning convention. It’s wonderful to meet with other cleaning business owners in a non competitive environment, share ideas about growth, eco-friendly services and most importantly learn from those wiser than myself. Clean Green Maids is truly a passion, and having the opportunity to experience a cleaning trade show, is even better than…(dare I say?) a trip to “Disney”… Such a treat to meet new vendors, see new technology and keep current to the advancements in green cleaning. The count down begins!!

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Fall Cleaning

Fall Kitchen

Prepare for Fall

Alas, fall 2012 is now here!  Children start the school year, summer relaxation is abandoned for routine, structure and order.  One of the best ways to  accomplish order in the home, and prepare for the routine of a busy fall,  is to prepare the home via organization and deep detailed cleaning.

Here are a few tips we’ve learned throughout the years, from the  many homes we’ve cleaned.

1) Organize:  the closets, the pantries and the draws first.  That’s right all of them.  Summer cloths need to be put away, pantry closets organized ,  anything old and not used in the last six months should be donated or sold:  so as to make room for the new season.   It’s important to organize first, so that you can take an inventory of what you have, what you don’t need and what you indeed need.  The goals are to de-clutter, downsize and maintain a free space, that will be able to adjust and accommodate your busy fall schedule, {work, preparing the children for school, after school activities, dinner, homework, etc.} is a wonderful place to sell unwanted used items. Remember: supporting your local church and donating to those in need is always a wonderful option, given these times of economic crisis and high unemployment. God Blesses us for remembering those in need!

2)  Fall Cleaning is really just another deep detail clean synonymous with “Spring Cleaning“.   It’s important to do, as we really do need to deep detail the home. The spring and summer months allowed for dust to accumulate secondary to: open windows, ceiling fans that circulated dust, summer outdoor excursions that have left residual dust /dirt/sand from the undersides of shoes.

3) Best to start the detailed fall cleaning, with the bedrooms first.  Short on time? Well then: just focus on one bedroom at time:  meaning the underside of the bed, closets, windows, curtains, change the sheets, organizing all draws.  When cleaning:  look to the heavens first:   your ceiling fans, your walls, your ceiling corners for dust /cobwebs.  Wash down all the furniture, (front/backs/sides and draws), pull out everything found underneath the bed, wipe it down, downsize, organize it, vacuum and mop the underside of the bed then place everything back nice and clean.  Clean the windows, blinds and curtains, so that you can prepare them for the fast approaching seasonal window decorations.

4) Next focus on the bathroom{‘s}.  Wipe down all the walls, pay attention to the corners.  Organize the medicine cabinet, throwing out expired medication, make-up etc.,  and make room for the new medication that will soon be needed for the upcoming cold /flu season.   Make note of what’s needed to keep you organized in the fall and  do clean the brushes/combs, organize the bin that hold the dryer, toiletries, etc.

5) Living Room Detailing:  a must!   Windows, curtains, underside of sofas, full wipe downs of the table/chairs, entertainment center and underside of area rugs, all a must do before winter hibernation creeps in. (does anyone really want to clean after a Thanksgiving Weekend?)  More importantly, we must spend time and organize our magazine/newspaper bin, time to rid ourselves of the 1986 Vogue Issues. Least not forget,  the entertainment center, which always has an abundance of old cd’s, dvd’s, lost paper work, etc.

6) The Kitchen: my favorite room:  Fall is most certainly the best time to detail this room.  The oven, stop top vent, exterior and interior cabinets need deep cleaning.  We always want to be ready for the holiday cooking, family surprise visits, etc.  Also organize those pantries, that were left abandoned in the summer.  Clean , organize and make room for the all the ingredients needed to feed your family this Thanksgiving, Christmas or Chanukah.  Kitchen tables, buffets and china closets will all need attention as well.

7) The goal of Fall Cleaning,  is to  downsize, organize, make room for the fall, and clean, so as to be ready for the fast approaching holidays: { Yom Kippar, Sukkot, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Chanukah. } Planning is everything, and having your home ready for the holiday festivities is half the battle.  Now, feeding and entertaining the family, fall outside of Clean Green Maids’ scope of service!! Sorry, would love to help — but my hands are swamped with teens, dog, parrot, my own relatives and of course the in-laws.

Clean Green Maids, specializes in deep detail cleans for those busy professionals with no time.  Call us should you need to free up your time and allow us to give you the time you need for the holiday preparations.


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August: full of new property purchases and post construction cleaning!

Can't say enough how proud I am of my staff, we have had an enormous amount of post construction cleans this past month-- and their level of excellence, perfection and "fine eye for dirt",  led to new long term clients and referrals.  Clients reporting -- "you even vacuumed the curtains?  I was going to send them out , but you saved me time and money!"

Also nice to see the new employees Rob, Ray and Danny coming along and on board to our vision!  And yes-- "men can clean and do detail!"  - had I known I would have married  differently and Clean Green Maids, may have never been born,   "Why buy the milk... when your married to the cow? "   But alas was not to be, and we now offer the next best thing to a cleaning husband! "Clean Green Maids".


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The Lululemon Account

We love commercial cleans,  but I have to say the folks at Lululemon in Soho, NYC are just truly wonderful people.. The clean was tough, as they have tons of traffic, but how satisfying to know , Clean Green Maids , did an awesome job. The place looked great.. Nice to be referred and great to hear the staff report they overheard the floor whisper, “Oh my God, they are so detailed” … God is Great isn’t he? Blessed us with a wonderful staff who loves to cleans.

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EWG’s best non toxic picks for Summer 2012

As we all know skin cancer, heck all cancers are on the rise! So what’s a Sun Goddess to do?

For  those of you who enjoy time in the sun and are in need of sunscreen,  lip balm or moisturizer, I strongly encourage you visit EWG’s  best non toxic Sunscreens for 2012.

But here’s what to look for when buying your sunscreen:  Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Mexoryl SX or Avobenzo. Creams that offer Broad spectrum protection and are water resistant for beach, pool & exercise, SPF 30+ for beach & pool

What you should avoid when buying sunscreen:  Oxybenzone
Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate), Added insect repellent. Sprays
Powders, SPF above 50+.

Remember:  Life is for Living, so lets help preserve it– and block that sun from the damaging rays cause cataracts and skin cancer.

Have a great summer.

Yvette M and the Clean Green Teams



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Buildings Once Institutional, Now Exclusive

Marilynn K. Yee/The New York Times

Marilynn K. Yee/The New York Times
A version of this article appeared in print on January 22, 2012, on page RE1 of the New York edition with the headline: Once Institutional, Now Exclusive.

The team behind the building’s renaissance — which includes the developer William Lie Zeckendorf and the architect Robert A. M. Stern — also built 15 Central Park West.

Megan Domlo from Robert A. M. Stern, stated, “we were going to go with someone else, but we just loved you’re professionalism!”  and Clean Green Maids, is honored to clean it!

Yvette Maiello, owner of Clean Green Maids, states, ” It’s important for new owner’s to feel confident they are moving into a toxic free home. ”

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Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to the Clean Green Maids blog! Soon to be your go to place for information on news, events, and everything clean and green!

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