Realtor, Property Owner & Estate Green Cleans

Realtor’s Dream

Reserved for realtors or owners of homes/condos who are looking
to show a property for immediate sale in this competitive market. A
properly cleaned home can help create the illusion and mood needed
to complement the home. Deep cleaned in top to bottom form, leaving
the home with high shine and glossy appearance. But more importantly,
desirable for an immediate sale.


Clean Green Maids knows that finding a reliable cleaning company can be
a frustrating task when it comes to your rental property so we pay close
attention to the specific details of our clients’ needs and requests. Whether
you rent seasonally, weekly or on a monthly basis- having a company
you can trust is important. Our local and out of state clients count on us
to ensure that their guests have the most enjoyable experience each and
every time they visit.


Clean Green Maids knows that often foreclosures are a messy sale, so let
us be the help you need and secure a closing date. Apartment, homes or
condos are not only cleaned out but cleaned up, leaving the home clean
and clear of all debris and rubbish.

Hoarder Clean Outs

We’re do you begin? Simple, call Clean Green Maids and we’ll send out
a crew to de-hoard, de-clutter and de-junk the area, home or office.
Containers by request.

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