Residential Green Cleans

Deluxe Details:     

Your home is deep and detail cleaned from top to bottom… everything that can be
hand washed within an 4 ft height requirement is. Our rule is, “if we can reach it we will clean it”.  In the words of John Lennon of course paraphrased-“ Imagine” -
all the cleaning.

A world with no dirt or dust, people living for today and walking into a home of “Sparkling Clean”. Where the decorative moldings, ceiling fans, kitchen toe kicks, stove top vents, blinds, undersides of beds, bathroom tiles are  all smooth to touch .

Home Rotational Green Clean: 

So you’re the busy and meticulous professional, mom or workaholic, who needs a clean environment in order to function and think clearly, yet you still have no time for the “You time” you deserve. This is clean for you. Surface areas cleaned with the added feature of detailing aspects of your home within a rotational 4-6 week track. Your home will never need another detailing again. We appreciate knowing our clients homes and the “little things” are always managed. Ever feel you just cleaned your home, yet it still doesn’t look and feel crisp, shiny or clean? This may be the package for you.

Standard Green Clean:     

Surface areas cleaned only. Reserved for those clients who maintain their home, but unfortunately, have a need for fill in assistance, until they can resume their normal services.

Your cleaner is on vacation, you suffered a temporary illness and you need a cleaner you can trust.  Who is  professionally trained to not only clean but  understands the importance of preserving your home investment and not causing damage to your high end appliances,  counter tops,  or specialty flooring.

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