Specialty Mom & Family Green Cleans

Nesting Mom’s Nursery

Finally! Your registry is complete, the childbirth classes are done, and the nursery
is finished. The baby is due to arrive any minute, maybe tomorrow, maybe next
week, maybe in two weeks. Clean Green Maids is here to ensure your home is
spotless, toxic free and ready for your bundle joy to arrive. We strongly believe
there should be nothing between you and the bonding process. Just leave the
stress of the dirt and the cleaning to us.

New Mom

Congratulations on your bundle(s) of joy! Now the fun begins! Bonding and
caring for a newborn can and is an wonderful yet exhausting experience. Clean
Green Maids wishes to offer you the support you need so that your only concern
is that of “motherhood”. Whether it be toxic free cleaning assistance, laundry
or someone to run local errands for you. Let us be help you need to ensure
you’re well rested and stress free. After all, a happy mom equals a happy baby.

Delouse My House

You’ve just been informed your child has head lice! You’ve deloused the
hair , a tedious process for sure, but without proper delousing of the home,
clothes, closets, rugs and or car, your child or children risk the chance of re-
infestation. Have no time? Have no fear– Clean Green Maids is here. We’ve
professionally deloused numerous homes and cars!

Call us to ask about our Delouse My House rates!

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